Hi I’m Clint, 

I want to share my fitness journey with you and talk about how we can transform your life together. I am a lifelong athlete, fitness and mental health advocate. 

My fitness journey started as a child where my inspirational mother/mentor instilled in me the importance of health and fitness in all walks of life. From football to track to basketball to bodybuilding and everything in between my job is to pass on as much knowledge to you as you are willing and able to absorb. Our main focus will be on building healthy and sustainable habits by trying new things today, that you can do now and forever to change your life in positive ways.

I started my bodybuilding career at 140lbs. I was a workaholic with poor eating habits and nutrition choices. Through bodybuilding I was able to refocus my personal life, my thoughts and my career in a healthy and positive way and not to mention meeting my wife Jessica. Since then I have won my Pro Card and continue to compete in Men’s Physique.

 I have suffered through and recovered from an assortment of injuries ranging in severity, this has taught me unique skills in engineering creative and safe modifications to exercises. 

I will help you make healthier eating choices and show you that nutritious meals can be tasty and quick.

If you love working out then let me challenge you! If you hate training or don’t know where to start then let’s take small steps together one foot at a time. 

“Opportunity + Perseverance = Success”

Let’s create new opportunities for you by making manageable life changes. Work together to learn how to persevere lasting lifestyle and mental health changes. Build on your successes and make you more than human! 

Everyone’s journey is different, let’s get yours started today, Chat with Clint.